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Evelyn O'Hara

has been training as a competitive dancer since 2005. Evelyn grew up training at Studio 19 Dance Company in Rochester, NY, and began sharing her knowledge as a teacher and choreographer at age 14. Though she specializes in commercial dance, she is a well-rounded dancer with extensive experience in many different genres, evident in her work with modern-based dance company "Catalyst".  She has worked first-hand with some of the industry's top names, including Stephen "tWitch" Boss, Willdabeast, Ivan Koumaev, Randi Kemper and Hefa Tuita, Lisette Bustamante, Hannah Wintrode, and Jojo Gomez. In addition, she has traveled to LA to train at the world-renowned Millennium Dance Complex, to NYC at Broadway Dance Center, and worked on choreography collaborations with dancers such as Donovan "Rudeboy" Okimura. Evelyn is a sought-after guest teacher at many dance studios in the Rochester area, and currently works at Studio 19 as an instructor & choreographer in our  PROgram & regular classes. 

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